Tai Chi

…a very old form of soft and slow body movements… inducing a relaxed
and harmonious state of being.
The physical movements of Tai chi activate the Chi flow… strengthening
the body from the inside out on a cellular level, improving overall health
and developing internal strength.
Tai Chi is a very old form of soft and slow body movements. When these movements are actualized with correct posture and breathing, they induce a very relaxed and harmonious state of being. This state allows the life energy, known to many as Chi, to flow through the body.

The flow of Chi is governed and explained by our two polar opposites seen in the Yin and Yang symbol. This symbol is created with equal black and white segments that merge into each other as day merges into night in the natural world. The balanced polarity represented by the Yin and Yang is the basis of Tai Chi philosophy.

The physical movements of Tai Chi activate the Chi flow. It is the activation of Chi which strengthens the body from the inside out on a cellular level so as to improve overall health and develop internal strength. Some of the benefits of correct Tai Chi training are restful sleep, dispersion of anxiety, inner confidence, and smooth, supple movements with increased poise and balance. Another important, yet not commonly known or explained, benefit of Tai Chi is its effectiveness in self defence situations.

Tai Chi has its roots in the Art of Kung Fu, which deals with realistic combative self defence. The study of Kung Fu yields immediate self defence skills that increase with time, where as Tai Chi requires a good deal of time to understand its self protection benefits.

Tai Chi is ideally suited, but not limited to, men and women over thirty years of age. Women usually relate more directly to Tai Chi because of their naturally graceful movements.

There are two styles of Tai Chi that you will experience with Circle Kung Fu & Tai Chi.

Traditional Yang Family Style (4th Generation), direct from Mainland China.

Traditional Chen Family Style Tai Chi in association with the 11th Generation Grand Master Chen Zhenglei Students may explore Tai Chi to any level of intensity they desire. From its effectiveness as a martial art to a wonderful, timeless exercise for health and longevity.