Health & Wellness

The improvement and maintenance of robust physical health is the main goal of Circle Kung Fu and Tai Chi. The most important thing we have in this lifetime is our health and if it is taken for granted it is certain to slowly slip away on a gradual, yet continual, basis.

It takes surprisingly little time and effort to maintain good health. With a little extra effort, your health can be increased to an extent that you would not have thought possible. Like anything else in life, there are good and bad ways of doing things. Health must be approached as a long term investment in yourself. As the saying goes: if you have your health, you have your wealth.

Many times over the years, I have witnessed students of martial arts abusing themselves with their approach to training. Pushing themselves beyond the realistic limitations of their physical condition, resulting in deep tissue injuries and tremendous strain on joints and ligaments. Proper Kung Fu training is the gradual and constant strengthening of the entire mind and body. Approached in this manner, Kung Fu and Tai Chi will yield life-long health and wellness. Even the defensive fighting philosophy of Kung Fu is aimed at the preservation of health by defending oneself with the least amount of incurred injury. Kung Fu is the development of true skill and how to use it effectively. This significantly reduces the risk of harm for both the opponent and yourself.

Most people will never encounter a situation in their adult life that requires the use of Kung Fu for self defence. So the question becomes: why invest your time in training?

The training of Kung Fu and Tai Chi acts as self defence in many ways. From strengthening of the immune system in defence against bacterial and viral infections, to the limbering of the body’s joints and the development of exceptional balance to prevent accidental falls. Internally, the digestive tract becomes more efficient at processing the nutrients in our food, while the circulatory system is increased in its capacity to make the best usage of the air we breath and the chi (life energy) within the body.

The approach of Circle Kung Fu and Tai Chi is always centred around health and all that it encompasses. The basic outlines of herbal remedies, nutrition and alternative healing methods are an integral part of our instruction and are available to all students, if they so choose, to enhance their training so that they may Learn in Strength and Live in Peace.