Let’s Talk Extreme

That’s what you hear these days in regards to almost everything and martial arts training is no exception. The concept for all types of fitness and athletic exercise these days seems to be based on pushing yourself to exhaustion with little regard to long term issues of muscle inflammation, wear and tear on joints and ligaments and tremendous stress on the heart and cardiovascular system. Most of the olympic and professional sports athletes are in pain and dealing with injuries on a daily basis; what we never hear about after they have left their careers is the difficulty that many would have, with deep long term injuries, joint problems, arthritis etc. In traditional Kung-Fu and Tai Chi training, heavy one day and light the next, allows the body to heal. Giving long term development in health and fitness with little negative downside. This approach to training has served me well for over 40 years of martial arts study and teaching. As Grand Master of The Gold Dragon Fist System of Kung-Fu (Gin Leung Chuan Fa), fully understand the wisdom of traditional practice, as I approach 60 years of age , I am grateful for the guidance I received at a young age concerning exercise and health.

Traditional Kung-Fu training is about self defence and protecting health so why would we train ourselves to the point of injury? …Something to think about.

Grandmaster Gin Leung Chuan Fa,
Craig Stephens