What is Traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi?

Traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi are martial arts training methods that provide much more for
their students than just the ability to fight.
Though these art forms are based in self defence, this is only a part of the benefit of
traditional practice. Proper learning in health and fitness development, confidence, meditation
and visualization, internal strength, self-reliance, and peace of mind, are some of the other
benefits realized with quality instruction.
Because much is made these days, in the media, of sport competitive fighting, many people
are misguided in their perceptions of martial arts training. Sport and extreme fighting have
very little to do with original martial arts. In these competitions the focus is on winning, prize
money, and glory.
Traditional training is about self-defence in every aspect, healthy mind and body, stress relief,
and self-development. The only competition is within yourself, to work hard and improve your
Traditional training provides excellent self-protection in any situation. In a real situation your
opponent will follow no rules and will not be fighting you for points or fame and there are no
referees to call the fight. In Kung fu and Tai chi we always do the least amount of harm while
staying safe. Real traditional training is more and more difficult to find these days.
Circle Kung fu and Tai chi in Peterborough Ontario, at 280 Perry street 2 nd floor, preserves the
art forms of Kung fu and Tai chi in their entirety as the old masters intended. It features
the exclusive Gold Dragon fist system of Kung fu as well as Yang family style Tai chi (4 th
generation) direct from mainland China and the Chen family style of Tai Chi (12 th generation)
also direct from mainland China, in close association with Master Jack Yan a direct disciple of
Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. It is the only martial arts school of its kind in Peterborough and
surrounding area.
Grand Master Craig Stephens is president and chief instructor of Circle Kung fu and Tai chi.
(705)775-2537 or (705)657-1146