Kung Fu

The Art of Kung Fu is a complex and multi-faceted discipline. An ancient system of philosophical development and self defence, Kung Fu has always meant to bring a sense of balance to one’s life. Through the study of Kung Fu’s physical fighting applications, it creates personal confidence, while teaching us how fragile life and and how easily harm can be done. This balance of defensive abilities, coupled with an understanding that we must cause the least amount of harm to another human being, is what keeps Kung Fu in a positive light. Dedicated students develop true confidence and self esteem.

It is to be considered that the true opponent in Kung Fu is to be found in oneself. This opponent shows itself in the forms of anger, depression, anxiety, and self-depreciating actions that interfere with your development in any field of study that life has to offer. Limitations that we accept as the day to day norm manifest themselves in a lack of energy and concentration to initiate our positive intention. Overcoming our internal struggles with daily renewal of self-assurance creates a positive energy that sustains us through challenges and difficulties. Through a mastery of these difficulties, the inner strength of Chi (life energy) is accumulated into a strong centre around which we build our confidence.

The fist art of Kung Fu raises the Chi through the power and knowledge that comes from the precise execution of techniques. Safety and security are held within your own abilities to respond to any threatening situation with a suitable, yet not excessive, use of force. Circle Kung Fu is an in-depth, clearly defined study of correct form and posture, encompassing stances, blocks, hand strikes, kicks, stepping patterns, throws, take-downs, ground fighting, restraint holds, fighting strategies, timing and distance applications, weapons, Chi-Gung Meditation, and Tai Chi.

The best use of self defence is not excessive in nature. By following the path of least resistance a student can learn in Strength and Live in Peace.

At Circle Kung Fu, we believe ALL life is precious.