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With over 45 years of experience training others in the physical, mental and spiritual benefits in the ancient art forms of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Grand Master Craig Stephens also teaches the exclusive Gold Dragon Fist system of Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

The Gold Dragon Fist system of Kung Fu and Tai Chi is the personal system of Grand Master Stephens and is the accumulation of over 45 years of experience and knowledge. Gin Leung Chuan Fa (Gold Dragon Fist system) is unique and exclusive to Circle Kung Fu & Tai Chi. This system is very in-depth and will allow you to learn self-defense and Martial Arts in a way that you may have thought was not possible. Realize your full potential training with Circle Kung Fu & Tai Chi with Grand Master Craig Stephens.

Grand Master Stephens also teaches Chen family style Tai Chi of the lineage of 11th generation Grand Master Chen Zhenglei  (G M Chen Zhenglei is ranked in China as one of the top 10 contemporary Martial Arts Masters in the World)

Grand Master Stephens has shared the demonstration stage with Grand Master Chen Zhenglei and was honered in the order of performance to be the last performer before Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. G M Stephens demonstrated Gold Dragon Fist Kung Fu and has also trained with G M Chen Zhenglei and has had G M Chen Zhenglei come to his Peterborough Studio in July of 2015 where he presented 2 workshops and at that time G M Stephens was honored to demonstrate Chen style Tai Chi. Also attending this event were Master Jack Yan (12 Generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi)

Grand Master Stephens also teaches Yang family style Tai Chi (4th Generation Grand Master Fu Zhongwen) The full 108 movement form and it’s self defense applications.

The Peterborough Studio allows for students all through the Kawarthas to experience improved health, increased mental discipline and a happier, more balanced life and premium Martial Arts instruction in a safe and positive environment.

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